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February 2020

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December 2019

In 2019, we have attended several expert committees of provincial, national and international scope in multiple therapeutic areas including oncology, and on new innovative drugs and challenges related to scientific assessment, economy and market access.

December 2019

Participation in the Quebec City Healthcare Industry Forum organized by Québec International.

October 2019

Participation to the annual meeting « Rendez-vous annuel de l’Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec (OPQ) » in Quebec.

October 2019

Launch of a new training module on biosimilar drug access and assessment challenges on our USOP Rx platform, available at

September 2019

Check out our comprehensive continuing education program regarding optimal drug use and pharmacoeconomics on our USOP Rx platform. The first continuing education platform on this topic for healthcare and drug industry professionals. or

April 2019

Presentation of a conference to rheumatologists on biological drug assessment to promote better understanding of listing decisions relatively to reimbursed drugs in Quebec and in the rest of Canada.

March 2019

Launch of 5 training modules on optimal use of new immunotherapy drugs for different indications for cancer treatment on our USOP Rx training platform, available at

March 2019

Participation to the Annual TELUS Health meetings in Quebec and Montreal

February to April 2019

Teacher of a pharmacoeconomics course offered to pharmacy students at Université Laval