COOPERx Stratégies offers leading edge consulting services in pharmacoeconomics, drug evaluation and health technology assessment.  The company also has recognized expertise in reimbursement and market access strategies, in particular with respect to the negotiation of product listing and risk-sharing agreements with clinical or economic outcomes.

We provide highly personalized and results-oriented services. Our clients are true business partners with whom we establish long-term relationships built on mutual trust.

Pharmacoeconomic consulting services

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  • Pharmacoeconomic studies (cost-effectiveness analysis, cost-utility analysis, cost-benefit analysis and cost-minimization analysis)
  • Budget impact analysis
  • Price justification
  • Net impact analysis

Scientific evaluation of drugs

  • Critical reviews of the clinical aspects and therapeutic value of drugs
  • Disease burden and pharmacoepidemiology
  • Research and evaluation (phase IV trials, database analysis and surveys of physicians, pharmacists and payers)
  • Protocol development and management of research projects for clinical data tracking for scientific purposes, product listing agreements and financial risk-sharing agreements
  • Development of rationales – ethical and societal aspects

Reimbursement / market access strategies

  • Analysis of the reimbursement climate and reimbursement status of comparator drugs, whether they are brand name drugs, generic versions or subsequent entry biologics
  • Flexible services or end-to-end preparation of strategic reviews to accompany requests for drug or health technology reimbursement
  • Development of strategic plans and negotiation of risk-sharing agreements with clinical or economical outcomes and product listing agreements
    • Research projects, clinical data tracking
  • Translation of strategic reports, optimization of messages for the Quebec or Canadian context and adaptation of scientific language
  • Strategic planning – communications and submission of reports to payers or drug and health technology assessment agencies
  • Participation as expert consultant on advisory committees (clinical, pharmacoeconomic, market access and other types)
  • Organization of tailor-made advisory committees (clinical, pharmacoeconomic, market access and other types)
  • Science communication and media strategies
  • Positioning strategies – product listing status – reimbursement criteria (regular list, exception drugs or exception patients)
  • Understanding of the drug reimbursement regulatory environment in Canada as well as in the specific context of Quebec (drug policy, public prescription drug insurance plan, lowest price method [PPB], legislative aspects, product listing agreements, etc.)

Comprehensive program of training courses and conferences

  • We offer a wide range of training courses and conferences developed to meet your individual or team needs.
  • Pharmacoeconomics (beginner, intermediate and advanced)
  • Risk-sharing and product listing agreements
  • Critical reviews of clinical and pharmacoeconomic articles
  • Evaluation of drugs and health technology from a science-based, public or private buyer perspective
  • Drug evaluation in Canada
  • Drug evaluation and product listing process in Quebec and Canada
  • Budget impact analysis, price justification and net impact analysis
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  • Check out our comprehensive continuing education program regarding optimal drug use and pharmacoeconomics on our USOP Rx platform. The first continuing education platform on this topic for healthcare and drug industry professionals. or